I’m excited to share with you the information that has helped enrich my life in so many ways. It is through my own personal awareness, action and dedication to health and wellness for more than three decades that I present to you an honest and sincere account of the material that has helped me carve out a world of inspired living. Now it’s your turn. As a team we will work together to create lasting change and help carve out your own life of personal greatness.  Live a High Integrity Life,

Weekly Tip

If you’re having a hard time motivating yourself to train legs, try this to help break the ice. Start with leg extensions, and do two warm-up sets for 20 reps each. Next, go to the leg press machine and load enough weight that will allow you to achieve 15 reps. Once you do that, add two 10-pound plates to each side (on top of the weight that’s already there) and you’re ready to go. Now you’re going to perform a drop set. Start by pressing the weight (with full range of motion) for 10 reps, then rack the weight and have a friend quickly strip off one 10-pound plate from each side. Immediately pick the weight back up and continue to press for another 10 reps. Rack the weight and have a friend quickly strip off the last two 10-pound plates, and immediately pick the weight back up and continue to press for the final 10 reps. Your legs should feel a deep burning sensation, which is a sure sign that you’ll be feeling it for the next couple days. Do 2 to 3 back-to-back sets like this with no more than 3 minutes in-between sets. When you’ve completed the exercise, blast your calves with calf raises for 3 sets using a weight that’s approximately double your body weight and you’re good to go.

Get Inspired

"All impulses of thought tend to clothe themselves in their physical equivalent."

Napoleon Hill

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