I’m excited to share with you the information that has helped enrich my life in so many ways. It is through my own personal awareness, action and dedication to health and wellness for more than three decades that I present to you an honest and sincere account of the material that has helped me carve out a world of inspired living. Now it’s your turn. As a team we will work together to create lasting change and help carve out your own life of personal greatness.  Live a High Integrity Life,

Weekly Tip

One question that many of my clients ask me is if they should eat and take their supplements the same way on non-training days as they would on training days. Well, since you're burning less overall calories on non-training days, it's a good idea to take in about 25 percent less food than you normally would on training days so you don't end up with a surplus of calories (which can lead to fat gain). I also like to consume less carbs on non-training days to help me look slightly leaner - sticking with mostly fibrous carbs like veggies and fruits. If I'm taking creatine, it's business as usual on non-training days as well, and vitamins and amino acids like L-glutamine for muscle recovery are still a good idea since you're body is most likely in a state of repair on those off-training days.

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"Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand."


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